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Species Guide


Primed Fingerjointed Pine (PFJ) is a primed composite wood manufactured by joining many smaller pieces of wood together. Knots and imperfections are eliminated in the process and a greater portion of the tree is able to be used. The joints are then hidden by the primer coat, making this product a sustainable and economical choice for interior millwork. PFJ is the most common interior finish material being used in modern construction.


Poplar is a common hardwood in the Eastern United States that is white to tan in color, straight grained, and an ideal paint base. Poplar is denser than Pine and is not known for its ability to take stain. When painted, it provides a harder and slightly more scratch resistant finish than its more economical Pine counterparts. Due to its availability and price point Poplar is considered the local go-to species for custom millwork jobs.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a composite product made of wood particles and fibers held together by a resin/glue. MDF is an economical choice for interior paint grade jobs where no moisture is present. Common MDF products include crown mouldings and panel products.

White Oak

White Oak is a plentiful hardwood light brown in color and known to finish and stain exceptionally well. Because of these properties White Oak is a common choice for stair componentry.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a classic New England hardwood reddish-brown in color and known to finish and stain exceptionally well. Because of these properties Red Oak is a common choice for stair componentry as well as mouldings and wainscot details.


Pines are softwoods that are generally porous and easy to work with making them the cornerstone of stain-grade interior work. Although there are a number of common sub-species, Pines typically behave the same way and are often used interchangeably. Our stock material is a mix of Radiata and Ponderosa Pine, while custom millwork is typically run using Eastern White Pine.


Sapele is a dark reddish-brown hardwood with a tight grain that is unmistakable for its beauty. It is readily available in longer lengths and has some natural rot-resistant properties making it ideal for exterior custom millwork.


Maple is white to pinkish-tan in color and has an extremely smooth grain. Maple stains and paints exceptionally well and is one of the most common materials used in cabinetry and stair construction.


Cherry is an American hardwood with a similar grain to Maple and is reddish-brown in color It will have small sap pockets and imperfections that give it the character that it’s known for. Cherry is most commonly found in cabinetry applications.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is an extruded “plastic” product that is ideal for exterior use since it is not subject to natural degradation. It is available in a multitude of common exterior profiles as well as square board stock.


Polyurethane flexible moulding cuts just like wood but is more cost effective than radius wood millwork. It is easy to use and will stand the test of time.