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Custom Moulding

Recreate One-of-a-Kind Finishes

Our expert woodworkers can recreate original moulding profiles in virtually any wood species to meet all styles in days — no minimum footage required.

At Next Day Moulding, we believe in the preservation of history. Our community is rich with architecture dating back hundreds of years. Our team is dedicated to recreating these ornate details through our custom mouldings services.

We also know that today’s styles are different than they were hundreds of years ago. And we are on board with the changing times. That’s why we also help create modern finishes for innovative high rise buildings and new custom homes. Whatever style you need to achieve, we can adapt and provide a solution.

The Next Day Moulding custom millwork shop is not limited to moulding replication. We can also make custom stair parts, custom accents and more. You can get started online or call our team at 781-843-6666.

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Our Custom Moulding Process

Custom Moulding - Step One

Step One

Creating your custom profile in CAD.

Custom Moulding - Step Two

Step Two

CNC template cutting of your profile.

Custom Moulding - Step Three

Step Three

Ready to make moulding knives!

Custom Moulding - Step Four

Step Four

Grinding moulding knives.

Custom Moulding - Step Five

Step Five

Setting up the moulding machine.

Custom Moulding - Step Six

Step Six

Your custom moulding is complete!

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Submit your information below to get a quote on your custom moulding request. Call 781-843-6666 with any questions or email

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Custom Moulding Quote

Please note: All measurements to nearest 1/16 inch

*16 feet is the maximum length. We will always do our very best to fulfill your request exactly as it is listed but please be aware that orders could be subject to an industry standard of 5% to 10% overage. Overage example: If you are requesting 6 pieces at 7 feet you could actually receive some pieces at 8 feet.

If other is selected above, please specify.

Download this PDF and trace your profile or send photos of the profile. View an example of a traced profile.

Please email traced profile or photos to

What to Expect

  • Our team will respond with an accurate quote based upon the information you provided.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, and payment for the order, we will create final CAD drawings for your approval.
  • The most accurate way to replicate moulding is through the use of a small sample piece. We strongly recommend this method of replication and the sample can be mailed to the address on the quote submission form. In the event you cannot provide a sample, we will do our best to work with the illustration you can provide.
  • The typical lead time from the date of final drawing sign-off is 5-7 business days plus transit time. We are committed to providing the best lead times in our industry and if there is an issue in regard to meeting this timeframe we will communicate with you immediately.