Staircase Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Staircase Trends at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs

Staircase Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Is your staircase just a means to get from one floor to the other or is it a stunning focal point that welcomes your guests and warmly invites them inside?

The staircase remains one of the most-used areas of the house but typically gets minimal design and decor considerations. Luckily, that’s changed over the last few years and the interior design options for staircases has grown quite a bit. Homeowners are now starting to consider the staircase to be a focal point worthy of style and design that complements the rest of their home decor.

Staircase design may seem daunting because it’s not a typical “room” with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Unlike the ugly wallpaper in the guest room, where you can close the door, the staircase is usually visible to everyone because it connects different areas of your home.

So, where do you start when dealing with a dull, boring staircase design? Current trends offer the ability to add the missing style, flair, and interest to create a focal point or statement piece for your home. Sometimes, just changing out a few stair parts is enough to give your space a whole new look and feel. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite staircase design trends to help you set the tone of your space.

Go Horizontal!

With this sleek option, most of the spindles are replaced with horizontally oriented detailed panels creating a modern, yet timeless look. Besides the benefit of directional contrast, more natural light flowing through makes the staircase airier and brighter. In addition, horizontal panels can be finished any color and are available in stainless steel and chrome for a true modern look and feel.

Cable Railing System

Clean Lines of Cable

Cable railing systems offer clean lines while providing durability and affordability. Perfect for a modern, minimalist, coastal, or industrial design, cable railing adds depth and contrast to elevate your staircase design.

Mixing Metal and Wood

Mixing metal balusters and wood handrails is standard for craftsman-styled homes, but it also works to add elegance to a farmhouse or colonial design theme. Used in both new renovation and remodeling projects, this combination allows for a perfect pairing of materials, and offers opportunity to select decorative iron balusters to complement other accents in your home, such as door hardware or even the framed artwork hanging on the walls.

Grand Staircase

A Grand Gesture

Nothing makes a statement quite like the design of a grand, curved staircase. It’s the perfect solution for adding some historical charm or formal elegance to your entry foyer. Greet your friends and family every time they walk through the door with a stunning, timeless focal point. Add an additional wow-factor with dark-stained treads to contrast white trim and risers, and wrought iron balusters with S-scroll details to add additional character.

Full Transparency

Very popular in modern homes, create the illusion of more space with glass panels and railings. Glass is one of the hottest staircase trends because it creates openness while improving light disbursement and adding visual impact to the staircase. This system can be paired with wood, metal, or even built frameless.

Treat Your Walls

Our last design trend for staircases doesn’t actually involve replacing stair parts at all. Instead, the design focus shifts to the walls surrounding to add some interest, elegance, and texture. Wainscoting covers the lower portion of a wall with wood panels and a decorative trim. Moulding and millwork can be used in all types of homes, from colonial to rambler; and cape cod to ranch, and really helps to add that extra special finishing touch.

To find the right solution for your stair project, reach out to our experts at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs. We carry a robust lineup of products that will serve all your moulding, door and stair parts needs, and with three convenient locations throughout the Boston area, we can get you the products you need exactly when you need them.


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