Flex Your Creativity with Flex Moulding

Flex Moulding crown, chair rails and decorative trim

Gone are the days when you look at beautiful features like a rounded staircase or curved walls and imagine the difficulty of repairing or restoring those unique components. A home’s character is what makes it special, and now you can embrace your project’s unique curves with Flex Moulding. Flex Moulding makes it easier than ever to get the custom look you want with fewer headaches along the way (and at a fraction of the cost of wood). 

Just imagine walking into a home and being greeted by a flawless archway or a winding staircase, or even beautifully curved walls. Now imagine all these elements finished to perfection, with trim and moulding designed to fit those extraordinarily particular dimensions. It’s that level of attention to detail that demonstrates the quality and depth of experience you bring as a premier builder or contractor. This is what Flex Moulding can give you.

At Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs, we can match any profile with Flex Moulding to get the exact radius and detailing you need. Some applications like tight radius or half-round windows will need to be pre-bent during the manufacturing process. Contact us to see how we can deliver on your specific requirements.

For the flexibility your project demands, Flex Moulding will meet your high standards when it comes to reliability, durability, and cost.

Flex Moulding Archway

What is Flex Moulding?

Flex Moulding is made from Flexible Polyurethane, which means it can mold to the exact specifications of your project while still maintaining the high-quality look of wood. The best part is that you can cut, shape and sand the Polyurethane material using the standard woodworking tools and practices you’re accustomed to using.

You want your project to look professional and polished, and Flex Moulding can do that for you! The material doesn’t deteriorate or warp, and you can achieve a perfect radius tailored to your needs. Wondering how you can finish your Flex Moulding? You can paint it any color or even stain it to give it a wood grain look, depending on the home’s aesthetic.

When you have a rounded or curved edge you need to finish, Flex Mouldings will give you the precision and beauty you want with the easy application and installation you need.

Flexible Moulding on elegant Staircase

Where Can You Use Flex Moulding?

Flex Moulding is perfect for any project where the straight edge trim won’t work. From adding wainscoting to a curved wall to updating a show-stopping spiral staircase, Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs carries all the Flex Moulding parts your project requires.

If you want to flex your muscles a bit as a contractor or builder by incorporating some unique character like a curved archway or a curved staircase into a home, Flex Moulding can help complete your project with ease. You can even replicate the existing millwork on a historic home with Flex Moulding.

Since Flex Moulding is made of Polyurethane, it’s also an excellent option for exterior mouldings like arched or oval window casings or doorways because it will stand up to the elements.   

Whatever ideas you can dream up, Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs can deliver. Flex Moulding gives you the freedom you need to customize the most attention-grabbing elements of your project so you can deliver a high-quality, stunning piece of architecture that your homeowners will be proud to call home.

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