Crown Moulding Options To Enhance Your Home

Crown Moulding Options at Next Day Moulding Doors & Stairs

Crown Moulding Options to Enhance Your Home

Nothing adds character, style, and elegance to a room better than crown moulding can. It bridges the gap between walls and ceilings and accentuates the tops of casings and chair rails. With a wide range of styles and edges available, crown moulding (aka cornice moulding) works with virtually any type of home decor, from colonial to mid-century or craftsman-style to modern-farmhouse.

 Crown moulding is a timeless architectural detail that immediately draws the eye upward. The edges and profiles can create dramatic shadow effects, adding contrast and texture to an otherwise dull intersection of the walls and ceiling.

 It can be installed using a single piece of trim, which attaches to the walls and the ceiling. For a more dramatic effect, it can be built up using a crown moulding profile along with other trim components for added depth and dimension. We’ve compiled a few examples of both options to inspire your creativity.

One-Piece Crown Mouldings  

Style #1

Despite the “steps” at the bottom of the moulding, this simple one-piece crown moulding features a concave detail that contrasts against the steps’ sharp corners. This profile alone adds interest and style to any modern-contemporary home.

Style #2

If your style is more along traditional lines, this one-piece crown moulding is sure to fit the bill. The quarter-round edge at the top flows into the sharp edge of the step, where it meets the lazy-S profile edge. Below that is a half-round detail that connects to the ogee edge detail at the bottom of the trim. This style provides a stunning example of how a one-piece profile can change the entire atmosphere of any room.

Style #3

Farmhouse elegance can be yours with this one-piece crown moulding trim. Featuring six steps in total, combined with a concave edge profile and two quarter-round details, your friends and family will be awe-struck.

Built-up Crown Mouldings

Style #1

What’s unique about this built-up crown moulding is that there’s no crown moulding involved. This “no-crown” crown moulding is perfect for colonial, industrial, and minimalist home decor. The steps are created by installing a stock-sized narrow board atop a stock-sized wider board

Style #2

On-point for traditional homes, this built-up crown moulding includes a standard crown moulding combined with an astragal trim at the bottom, adding elegance and charm to any room.

 Style #3

For this built-up crown moulding, a one-piece crown moulding is paired with a matching baseboard. Notice how well the concave profile pairs well with the sharp edges and the horizontal groove? Simple and elegant. This combination works beautifully paired with contemporary decor and mid-century homes alike.

Style #4

Built-up crown moulding can be created using a stock-sized trim and contemporary crown moulding, as we see here. For a layered crown with a more contemporary and less formal feel, consider a one-piece crown moulding attached atop a stock-sized baseboard. The sharp edges contrast perfectly with soft, slow, concave detail. 

Style #5

Crisp and modern is another popular option. The angles here steal the show without a curve in sight. The clean angles of this one-piece crown moulding and slotted baseboard combination are sure to grab everyone’s attention. In addition, the groves facing vertically and horizontally are unique and add even more visual interest. 

Style #6

Perfect for adding a sophisticated touch of flair to any room or home. Combining an elaborate crown moulding with a highly detailed baseboard creates a show stopper of a design element. Wouldn’t you agree?

Other ways to use crown

Crown moulding can also transform exposed beams, coffered ceilings, architraves, and mantles from dull to spectacular. Let’s not forget that exposed columns and door headers are also popular locations for the added interest crown molding provides. 

You can also check out our Inspiration Gallery for more examples of one-piece and built-up crown moulding options. If you have any crown moulding questions, contact our staff for friendly, expert advice

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