Things Are Looking Up! How Coffered Ceilings Can Transform your Home

Coffered Ceilings at Next Day Moulding

Things Are Looking Up! How Coffered Ceilings Can Transform your Home

This year is already looking up…to the ceiling, that is! More specifically, coffered ceilings! When building or updating a home, it’s easy to focus on eye-level design elements, like adding shiplap or wainscoting to a bare wall or beautiful interior doors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Often, we forget to look up, meaning we might miss an area of our home where a small transformation can have a big impact. Customizing your ceiling can create high-end living spaces that come packed with charm, sophistication, and timeless character.

Coffered ceilings are one of those design elements that we love, and for good reason. They can make your room feel larger and even help to absorb sound. Plus, they create visual interest and are certainly more stylish than your typical flat white ceilings.

Is this the first time you’ve thought about your ceiling detail? Or maybe you’ve never heard of coffered ceilings before? Don’t worry. We’ll cover the basics here, and the experts at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs can help bring your ideas to life.

What Are Coffered Ceilings?

The word “coffer” means “indentation.” When we’re talking about coffered ceilings, we’re referring to the architectural style where recessed panels are framed by beams that crisscross the ceiling.

Georgian Dining Room with Coffered Ceiling

The dramatic appearance of the crossing beams adds depth and dimension to a space while creating the illusion of taller ceilings. Typically, you’ll see coffered ceilings that form a square pattern, much like a checkerboard. At the same time, don’t be afraid to express your creativity. Coffered ceilings can be made in hexagonal or octagonal patterns, or whatever pattern and style will accent the existing features of your home.

Various materials and wood species can be used to create coffered ceilings, and we carry it all at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs. Contact us or visit one of our four convenient locations throughout the Greater Boston area to see how we can help you reach the height of your home’s architectural style.

Where Can I Use Coffered Ceilings in My Space?

Coffered ceilings are often purely decorative, so they belong anywhere you want to add some visual interest! While they can make your ceilings appear taller, you don’t want to add them to a room that already has low ceilings (less than 8 feet tall), as it will make the room feel cramped.

Coffered ceilings create captivating focal points, and they even absorb sound. This alone makes them great for areas where family and friends gather most in your home, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms (which will help quell the sound of your children playing, so you can concentrate in your home office).

When someone walks into a room with a coffered ceiling, they’re instantly drawn to the elegance and boldness of the style. For this reason, coffered ceilings are well worth the investment.

Greek Revival Living Room with Coffered Ceiling

How Can I Find Modern Coffered Ceiling Ideas for My Home?

While coffered ceilings have been around for centuries, it doesn’t mean that the look they create is outdated or only looks good in a historic home. While historical homes are great places to add coffered ceilings, so are traditional, modern, cape cod, farmhouse, craftsman, and any other architectural style that comes to mind.

The key is to mimic the architectural style of your home in the beams and recessed panels you choose. Your panels can be flat or ornamental, and your beams can be square, rounded, or have any other type of edge or profile.

The colors you choose can have just as much of an impact. Wood beams and panels can be stained or painted in any shade or color you want. While ceilings are typically white, consider colors that will complement your existing space since you’re adding some uniqueness to your home.

Coffered ceilings deliver that high-end, custom look that will make your home stand out from the rest. For help finding the best materials and custom designs, trust our experts at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs. 

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