Intensify Your Interior Design with TruStile Interior Doors

TruStile Blue Barn Door

Interior doors serve a purpose. But while they’re separating spaces and offering privacy, they can also complement your home’s interior design and aesthetic style.

With so much attention focused on design choices like mouldings, furniture, and cabinetry, it’s time to consider interior doors as a design element you can leverage in your home. After all, the interior doors can play as significant a role in a home’s overall look and feel as furniture or artwork.

When it comes to TruStile interior doors, there’s only one word to describe what you’ll get, and that’s quality. From the most durable materials to the most innovative design options and applications, each door is made-to-order, meaning that you can customize every design aspect down to the hinges.

With TruStile custom interior doors, you can celebrate minimalistic design or make a bold statement. Regardless of your style choices, you can trust that you will get well-designed, made-to-order doors that will withstand daily living and look beautiful for years to come.

Premium Materials and Innovative Applications are Key Components of all TruStile Interior Doors

Your interior doors need to be durable, and TruStile carries interior door styles made from only the most high-quality materials. You can choose from wood for stain-grade applications, MDF (medium-density fiberboard) for painted applications, and a vast selection of glass, resin, leather, and metal options for custom applications.

Purple bedroom with white paneled TruStile TS1000 doors

Speaking of applications, TruStile interior doors feature common design applications like panel doors, glass doors, and pocket doors all the way to innovative applications like barn doors, mirror doors, and pivot doors.

Whatever your home needs, TruStile doors from Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs offer the highest level of flexibility and customization so you can showcase your personality and style within every component of your interior doors.

TruStile Features Custom Door Options to Match your Architectural Style

Whether you’re renovating an older home or building new construction, interior doors can add a certain flair that you can only get from made-to-order doors.

TruStile interior doors give you the option to choose from over 60 profile options so you can match any style of architecture ranging from modern (pictured below, featuring door style TMIR6000) to colonial to art deco and everything in between. Each profile combination creates a distinct look that is uniquely yours. That’s the level of customization you can expect when you choose TruStile interior doors from Next Day Moulding Doors & Stairs.

TruStile Walnut Tru&Modern infinite rail doors

Identify the signature characteristics of each architectural style to choose the right interior doors for your project. Keep in mind that each style can be mixed and matched with other design capabilities we offer and are always measured to meet the exact specifications of your doorframe (TruStile even has options for curved and glass doors).

  • Art Deco: Highly decorative, this eclectic style features geometric shapes and materials like metal and glass to encapsulate the architectural design.
  • Colonial: Symmetry and balance are the staples of the colonial style of architecture with more formal design choices.
  • Contemporary: The building style of today, that features oddly shaped frames, clean lines, and natural materials.
  • Cottage: It makes you think of a home in the English countryside. Small and cozy, the cottage architecture relies on elements such as arched doorways and steep roofs.
  • Craftsman: Quality workmanship is the epitome of the craftsman home style. Hand-crafted features are a staple in their simplicity and originality, with thick trim as a staple of this style.
  • French Country: The immaculate decorative detailing and distressed woodwork symbolic of a French Chateau make this style rustic yet chic.
  • Mediterranean: Arched doorways and windows are vital components of this architectural style that radiates richness and charm.
  • Modern: Modern home styles emphasize horizontal lines and industrial materials based on the principle that less is more.
  • Southwest: This Spanish-style architecture is characterized by arched entryways, simple lines, bright, bold colors, and stucco walls.
  • Traditional: A conservative style that mimics the local community’s beauty means that this style varies from location to location while always keeping its timeless charm.
  • Tudor: Elegant designs and gentle arches are the main components that work with the steeply pitched roofs and tall windows of this style of architecture.
  • Victorian: Reliant on intricate ornamentation and detail, this home style is historic, elaborate, and whimsical.

Whatever architectural style you’re working with, our door is always open at Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs. Visit us at one of our four convenient locations throughout the Boston area to see our robust selection of TruStile interior doors.

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