When Opportunity Knocks, Find the Best Exterior Door for Your Home

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When Opportunity Knocks, Find the Best Exterior Door for Your Home

The front door is the first thing people see when they drive up to a home. While its main job is to protect what’s inside the house, it’s also the place where welcome signs hang and first day of school photos are taken. During holidays, you’ll see the front door adorned with holiday wreaths and brilliant lights. That’s why the entryway door needs to offer homeowners both durability and style.

Whether you’re building a new house or want to enhance your curb appeal, the exterior door you choose can transform the look of your home. It all starts with quality materials. Fiberglass and wood are both exceptional choices, offering long-lasting protection while looking beautiful all year long.

At Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs, we offer only the best in selection and style for complete door systems. Visit our new online platform or stop by one of our three locations in the greater Boston area to see how our fiberglass and wood doors can elevate your curb appeal.

It is our goal to make your decisions a little bit easier when it comes to your project. So, if you’re deciding between using fiberglass or wood for your door style, allow us to point out the best qualities about each material and the manufacturers who make them.

Therma-Tru Visionary Exterior Entry Door

Fiberglass: Functionality with Serious Style

An exterior door’s primary function is to protect the home from the elements, and fiberglass is a durable option that won’t rust, warp, dent, or scratch so it can withstand everything from a harsh snowstorm in the winter to an errant baseball strike in the summer.  Until recently, going with fiberglass meant that you had limited options when it came to design, but Therma-Tru continues to innovate, so you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Therma-Tru was the first to manufacture a fiberglass door, and they remain a premier choice for exterior doors over 50 years later. Today, you can find a fiberglass entry door that matches the aesthetic of your home, complete with energy efficiency. Each door maintains ENERGY STAR® compliance – meaning you not only get a return on your investment in curb appeal, but you pocket the energy savings as well.

The best part is you can choose your color with paintable door selections. Therma-Tru doors even come with woodgrain designs if you love the look of a traditional wood door but want the function of a fiberglass door. Don’t know what type of fiberglass style is best for your home? Take Therma-Tru’s architectural style quiz to find out!

Simpson Exterior Entry Door

Wood: Welcoming with a Wow-Factor

Wood has been around for ages and is the long-trusted material for exterior entry doors. Heavy and sturdy, traditional wooden doors bring a luxurious look with a warm and welcoming feel. Wood is resistant to heat, frost, corrosion, and pollution, which means it can combat the elements like heavy rain in the spring or a fierce snowball fight in the winter, all while providing efficient insulation for your home. When it comes to strong, handcrafted wooden doors, you won’t find anything better than Simpson Doors.

Research and development are what’s kept Simpson Doors at the forefront of exterior doors for over 100 years. With endless door design options and different wood species in their collections, you can be sure that they have styles that will match your home’s aesthetic. The expert craftsmanship will stand up to the elements, and they even offer custom options to meet your specific project’s needs. Simpson Doors maintains a strict commitment to sustainability and robust environmental policy, so you can be proud of the materials that go into your home.

Wood is versatile so you can stain and paint each door whatever color you want. You can even alter the sheen of your door by choosing a glossier or a more flat stain if you’re going for a matte look. Still don’t know how a wood door would look on your home? Take Simpson Door’s personality quiz to find your perfect match!

Whether you’re completing a renovation project or building a new home, updating the front door is a simple solution that will deliver lasting results and unmatched curb appeal for years to come. Suitable materials, style, and color will set your home apart. Plus, both Therma-Tru Doors and Simpson Doors stand behind their products with warranties that will protect your investment.

At Next Day Moulding Doors and Stairs, we carry a comprehensive lineup of exterior doors, door systems, and parts that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Stop by one of our locations in the Boston area or check out our new online experience for all the inspiration, supplies, and support you’ll need to get the front door you’ve always dreamed of.

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