Upgrades to Add Value to Your Home

three upgrades to add value to your homeThe amount of increased time that many of us have spent in our homes over the past few years, has inevitably led to us taking a closer look at our surroundings and searching for ways to upgrade our space. Before beginning new home projects, it’s always best to take a look at upgrades that will actually increase your home’s value – both in the immediate future and further down the road.

To save you time and effort in researching, we have put together a list of a few suggested home improvements you can make that are near-guaranteed to add value to your home, without breaking the bank!

Whatever upgrades you decide to make, Next Day Moulding Doors & Stairs has everything you need to get your home improvement projects done beautifully and in a timely manner. Need more guidance? Contact us or stop by one of our four convenient locations and get expert advice from our team.

emtek door hardware upgrade

Update Your Hardware

One of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades you can do for your home is to simply update your door hardware. Not only is this project cost-effective, but its level of effort is also relatively low – the hardest part will be choosing your hardware from the hundreds of options we have!

Swapping out your old doorknobs and hinges is a great way to add a little updated touch without breaking your budget. It’ll make your home look more modern and polished, and it will increase functionality while adding some extra security.

If you’re looking to sell in the near future, walk through your home with the mindset of a homebuyer. Would you want to buy a home with outdated or rusty doorknobs and hinges? If the homeowner doesn’t care enough to take care of simple things they use every day, what else did they neglect? It’s a small detail that will go a long way in increasing appeal to potential buyers.

Emtek Door Hardware is one of our top brands, and for good reason! Emtek offers a wide selection of high-quality doorknobs, hinges, and other hardware to suit any style and boost your property’s value. Stop by one of our four convenient locations to discover everything Emtek has to offer – from function to finish to style, we’ve got you covered!

Finish Your Basement

Looking for a more substantial project to add value to your home? One of the highest return on investment home projects you can do is right under your feet!

Finishing your basement is great for two reasons. First, it’ll almost instantly increase the value of your home. Second, you’ll have significantly more living space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Of course, finishing your basement is a big project and might not be friendly to every budget, but many homeowners have seen upwards of a 70% return on their investment on average, with the increase in their home’s value.

If your looking for inspiration for your basement remodel, think shiplap. If it’s good enough for Joanna Gaines, it’s good enough for your basement! Something as seemingly simple as adding quality mouldings is enough to drastically change the space and add value to any home.

Next Day Moulding Doors & Stairs has a wide variety of shiplap and other moulding profiles in-stock and ready to make your project quick and easy. Check out some of the mouldings and boards in-person at one of our four convenient locations in the Boston area.

home office upgrade

Build a Home Office

It goes without saying that the pandemic completely changed the way we work. Today, a whopping 58% of Americans work from home at least one day a week. That means that most homeowners and home buyers are looking for a nice, quiet, private spot to work remotely, that doesn’t even require a commute.

By adding glass doors, updating mouldings and adding wall paneling, you can create a brand-new home office that’ll increase the value of your property by upwards of 10% and make it even more appealing for when you’re ready to sell.

Boost Your Home’s Value With The Right Projects

Everyone wants their hard work to pay off. Now, when you complete your next home project, you can take the phrase “pay off” quite literally!

By updating your home’s hardware, finishing your basement, and adding a home office, you can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. And even if you don’t want to sell your house any time soon, your family will be able to enjoy these upgrades for years to come.

Whatever project you decide to take on, come visit us at Next Day Moulding Doors & Stairs for all your home improvement and building supply needs. We have everything from mouldings, doors, hardware, and stair parts to take any project from a dream to reality.

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